We love volunteers


At our farm we love our volunteers: every year we welcome many visitors from around the world to work a few hours a day in return for room and board. The volunteers add diversity and much needed help to our busy days. If you are interested in volunteering contact Ayse.

Training Farmers

Our internship program covers all aspects of starting and growing vegetables, seedling care, pest recognition, irrigation, season extension, animal care, rotational grazing, milking, cheese and yogurt making, fermented pickle making and preserves made with our fruits and vegetables, and direct sales at farmer’s markets. For those who are interested, basic butchery including sausage and bacon making are taught as well. Winter internships are to stress the importance of year round growing, managing and timing winter crops in greenhouses and managing the sale of all our stored root vegetables. These are all simple tasks but require great attention to detail and a deep understanding of taking care of living organisms. When you learn how to coordinate all these tasks, never forgetting what needs to be done instinctively, you have become a farmer.

Our Interns and volunteers stay on the top floor of the commercial kitchen building, Laundry and wifi are available in the same building . They use the commercial kitchen for cooking their own meals as well. Life in the farm tends to be extremely busy and we rely on our interns to help us manage our diverse operations.