50 acres pasture, 30 acres woodlot , 20 acres mixed farming

Marvellous Edibles Farm is a 100 acre farm located in the Niagara Escarpment with the Bruce Trail passing through it.

Ayse and Jens came into farming as a natural progression of restaurant ownership and working with food most of their lives. Jens is trained in some of the best restaurants in Germany and has butchering experience. Ayse has a Master’s degree in English Literature and is a pastry chef. For about 20 years we operated a successful food business in Toronto. When we moved to the farm full time, establishing an on\ farm inspected kitchen was a priority. So, in 2011 a new commercial building was put in with a large
inspected kitchen. In this kitchen we produce sausages, bacon, pates, pies, pickles and preserves all from the best of the harvest, depending on the season.

Apart from vegetables and fruits, there are grass fed beef cattle, one Jersey for milking, and some poultry. We try to have all our livestock on pasture which produce better tasting meat.  Our cows are 100% on Organic pasture and hay. 

Our vegetables, fruits and pasture have been Certified Organic for the last 15 years. Fertility is maintained by crop rotation, compost application and cover cropping.

Our farm accepts many volunteers from all over the world as well as interns. Life in the farm tends to be extremely busy and we train our interns to help us manage our diverse operations.

On the other hand, there is so much to do in the area; we are on the way to Sauble Beach and Tobermory, the tip of the Niagara Escarpment. Once you are in Tobermory Manitoulin Island is only a ferry ride away!