Hello Everybody!

July 23/22

Crazy weather this week!  We ended up with 1 inch of rain. We don’t have to water for 1 week.😁 We definitely  had a rain deficit, although I think we were in better shape compared to a whole lot of other neighbourhoods and farms.

This week we got some much needed heat as well. I have been visiting the tomatoes everyday. Finally some of the cherries started getting colour! There will be just a few at the market because I have been tasting them.:)) No movement in the large tomatoes though.

We have some eggplants and lots of green beans, young fennel and smaller size leaf celery. Lots of gooseberries, currants and mulberries are coming as well. Unfortunately no more blackcurrants.

We will bring flowers; squash, calendula, elderberry and mixed bouquets.

I just went for a short walk in order to make tomorrow’s  picking list. Actually we have far more eggplants than I initially thought and they are looking perfect. Then, I was admiring the beautiful sunset over the Escarpment. Our fields are still very green, I am so grateful that we really have no water problems with or without rain.

I sometimes watch the British show “Escape to the Country” where the British countryside is flawlessly beautiful with shades of  green on other shades of green. Yesterday, when the news was covering the heatwave in England they showed the countryside completely dried out; brown and yellow. So sad! 

On another note, it has been very strange not doing the Dufferin Grove Market after so many years. They are finally back at the park. I do miss the wonderful atmosphere and the irreplaceable customers, yes, especially the customers!

For those of you going to the cottage on friday afternoons, it is the perfect place to shop.

I think this is where I stop,

Hoping to see you at one of the markets!

Ayse and Jens

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