Shareholders can choose their vegetables

Shareholders can choose their vegetables THEY want!
Marvellous Edibles Farm will be offering their local Vegetable Share Program again in 2014. For a 17- 20 week period you will be receiving vegetables grown on our farm and harvested just hours before you pick them up. In 2014 we have the equivalent of 25 full shares for sale. The advantage to our shareholders will be getting their veggies from a certified organic farm specially picked just for them often at a discount from their market price. You will also have access to our on-farm baking, organic eggs and non-GMO pastured meats. There will be free extras such as flowers and herbs as well. For the farmer the advantage is having the funds to invest in the new season without going into debt. Marvellous Edibles, as a Certified Organic farm is committed to supply the best that the farm produces. We believe that our wide selection of vegetables and fruits offer an excellent program to CSA’s.
Our program allows you to choose the produce you want.
Each vegetable will have a point value, for example: bunch of beets is one point, head lettuce is one point, quart of potatoes is one point etc. Each share will have a certain number of points to spend (8 small and 16 large). Small share size would feed 1-3 people, medium 2-4, large 4-6 depending on your family needs. eg. vegetarians and vegans would eat more than the average person.
Pick ups are at the farm Tuesdays 3:30 to 7:30 pm.
We will do basket drop offs at a central location in Meaford and Clarksburg on Wednesdays. Delivery is available for an extra $ 5 per week per person. Decisions regarding delivery, and pickups should be made before the season begins and for the whole season.The Amount you pay depends on the number of weeks and the size of the  share you choose.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Discount of one week’s payment for those who buy their share before April 1. A 20% deposit is required on registration. Balance due June 24, 2014.
Start date is mid-June.

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    Check this site under the top menu “CSA”. There are different size shares available.

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