2016 Farm Tour

FARM TOUR: Sunday August 14th – 11:30-5pm. Join Ayse Akoner, Jens and Cengiz Eller (who is off to school this fall!) and a wonderful, international group of interns, WWOOFers and volunteers for a tour of Marvellous Edibles Farm.
A warm welcome awaits our friends and supporters. Tour the farm, meet the animals and sample some tasty goodies, some from Ayse’s wood burning oven. Come see where all that wonderful food comes from.

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  1. Elizabeth Allen Rankin says:

    A very appreciative and grateful thank you to Ayse, Jens & Cengiz for the August 14th Tour and delicious food ! ! ! It was an eye-opener to walk around the farm seeing the pigs running through the trees, the cows standing and lazily flapping away insects with their tails, hearing the turkeys gobble, and listening to the ducks vocally express their socialisation preferences. The Marvellous Edibles Farm-sourced chicken, pork, breads and salads produced an absolutely scrumptious sampling of the Farm’s vegetables and meats. :) )))))))))))))))

    • farmer says:

      Jens loved trying out his new giant bbq, roasting a whole pig. Many chickens were roasted in the wood burning oven. A wonderful day was had by all. Thank you for joining us and touring the farm.

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