Preserve This

What could be better than taking our fresh organic produce including hand-picked heritage vegetables and mouth-watering fruits and making them into award winning jams, preserves, pickles, salsa and even crikey hot peppers. Our preserves are created in a farm inspected processing kitchen in a special preserves area.

Not to forget pastry chef Ayse’s award-winning baking: fruit pies and meat pies, special Christmas and seasonal baking.



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  1. farmer says:

    Love the labels. They are all delish and devine.

  2. Dave Devall & Miriam says:

    Hi There
    We finally found you and will get up to see you a.s.a.p for meat, produce and preserves.

  3. Julie says:

    Hello Ayse
    Are you all still doing the famers market , if so do you bring baked pie along

  4. nora says:

    I hesitate to say, publicly, all the products you make that i love because I worry that they will be gone before i arrive at market. Suffice it to say that i dream about your pies – both apple and rhubarb [especially when your son had snow day and made an apple pie with triple crumble toping – I loved how you presented the veggies in brine last week at market and they are so tasty just as a snack, and your green tomato and apple chutney was just opened fresh 15 minutes ago and now it’s gone. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Angelina Degelder says:

    I’m curious if you sell from the farm – I am south of Owen Sound – a little far from Toronto :)

    • Lidia Alaica says:

      How many people can say when they have their dinner that every product on the table comes from one farmer. We can! Every Saturday morning we arrive at the Brick Works market to meet with Jens Eller. Our farmer! All our meats, eggs, vegetables etc come from M.E. farm. Top quality food! Jens, Ayse and Cengiz are remarkable people. Words cannot even express how much we appreciate their commitment to the farming industry! They are one of a kind in every way! We are all excited to finally visit your farm on the 7th. Thank you so much for everything!! See you Saturday!

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