Our Meat

Although not certified organic, our meats are pastured, ethical, GMO and drug free and some are heritage varieties. Our beef is grass fed and grass finished. Our chickens are raised on Certified Organic feed and are free range.

Our animals reside outdoors in fall, spring and summer enjoying plenty of space and sunshine.

4 Comments to “Our Meat”

  1. beth says:


    I am the lady who buys duck and purslane weekly from the Bayview market. We couldn’t mobilize our kids quick enough to come to your open house. We may pass by your farm next Sunday to go to Sauble Beach, but may not be a good time to visit for you. Anyway, would you be interested in making the traditional Turkish sucuk? I am assuming you may have the knowledge base as Ayse sounds like a Turkish name, and I understand both of you used to be chefs. I usually make this myself, because I don’t feel comfortable buying ready-made sucuks with mystery ingredients. Would I be able to buy nice cuts of your grass fed cattle, and have you prepare this strictly from those cuts for us? Please let me know. See you at the market Saturday.


  2. Susan Buchanan says:

    I only started visiting the Market last Summer and found Marvellous Edibles – and what a find. The homemade sausage is to die for. I don’t have a peference as they are all really, really good. I bake my sausages in the oven. I absolutely love their Berkshire pork sausages, pork bellies, chops. I live alone so don’t purchase roasts.

    The fresh vegetables and herbs that I purchase from Marvellous Edibles are also top notch.

    See you Saturday and happy shopping.

  3. Jonas says:

    That bacon was some of the best I’ve had! Looking forward to pick up some more this weekend. Thanks again, we really appreciate the love you put into the products.

  4. troy king says:

    would you happen to sell goose and if so how much

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