A Few Words About Us

Marvellous Edibles Farm is a family run operation owned by Ayse Akoner and  Jens Eller since 2003. We are located 2.5 hours north west of Toronto on the stunningly beautiful Niagara escarpment. We have the distinction of being a century farm (1894); the house and barn are still standing and reflect the architecture of the times.

What We Do

Marvellous Edibles Farm has an internship program designed to train new farmers on how to run their own sustainable farms.
We have space for 2 interns every spring who work side by side with the owners Ayse and Jens and learn every aspect of what it takes to run a small organic family farm. See Internships page.

We also love our volunteers Every year we welcome many visitors from around the world to work a few hours a day in return for room and board. The volunteers add diversity and much needed help to our busy days.


Because both Jens and Ayse were two talented chefs in their previous lives, we love to create a wide range of delicious products such as sausages, bacon, preserves, sweet and savoury pies and Christmas baking.



Certified Organic since 2009, we believe in organic, ethical and sustainable food production that is available to everyone.


We practice organic principles with our meat products and our pigs are fed certified non-GMO feed.  Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished. Our poultry and eggs are certified organic.